The Fairfax Street Choir
      and Bill Champlin
   Give Me Wings
Such a great talent, musician,songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, arranger and producer. Even though he was well known for being in the world famous band "Chicago" and singing the theme song for the TV series  "In the Heat Of The Night" I will always know him as Bill from  "The Sons Of Champlin", a hometown boy with  soul and creativity larger than life itself.

      Marla Hunt Hanson    and    Bill Champlin
Bill has always been so close to my heart. His lead vocal on "Give Me Wings" made me cry when he was recording it in the studio. He  made it sound so alive and vibrant.
This picture was taken several years ago back in the day before I moved to Hawaii. In my opinion we look like brother and sister in this picture.
Bill and I worked together often in our younger years. I was in a band called the "Ace Of Cups" that worked out of the same office in San Francisco as the "Sons Of Champlin". Every now and then the "Ace Of Cups" were on the same roster as the "Sons Of Champlin", including the first-ever live performance of the "Band" at  Winterland in April of 1969. When I started the Fairfax Street Choir we kept in touch and worked together on many occasions. Laura Allan and I sang backup vocals on The Sons Of Champlin album  "A Circle Filled With Love"  (Ariola 1976 ). In January of 1974 we worked together in a musical review called "Looking For Your Long Lost MInd" which featured many artists  of the times including members of "The Fairfax Street Choir". This guy has a heart of gold and was and still is an amazing musician and performer.