The Fairfax Street Choir 
         The Tribes Of Man
                Let Your Light Guide You Home

From the Red House in Forest Knolls CA, Tealy Gapinski and Kira Thelin represent the 2013 Fairfax Street Choir.
Tealy and Kira have just finished  putting the backup vocals on Tribes Of Man plus a lead vocal by Tealy. Kira sings the lead vocal on Let Your Light Guide You Home the title song of the Fairfax Street Choir's new  CD. She was raised with the Fairfax Street Choir Music. Marla Hunt Hanson taught music to the kids in open classroom at the Lagunitas School in San Geronimo Valley CA where they learned many of the Street Choir songs. Now Kira (Mom) and Daughter Tealy are both featured on the Let Your Light Guide You Home CD.
         Kira putting the lead vocal on                         Tealy getting ready to put her
       "Let Your Light Guide  You Home"                     lead part on "Tribes Of Man"

                  Below is the cast of
            Meru and the Magic Thread                                        Kira Thelin
When Kira was 10 she was the Star Lady in a play called "Meru and the Magic
Thread" written by Marla Hunt Hanson.  It was a musical put on by the Open Classroom at Lagunitas School and Kira performed one of the lead songs in the show.
Even at that age her voice was distinct and unforgettable. Over the years Marla
and Kira did some music together and always stayed in touch.
In 2013 when the Street Choir reunited Kira joined and brought Tealy along with
her. As a result Marla asked Kira to sing Let Yor Light Guide You Home.