The Fairfax Street Choir
Oh Give Me Wings
In Memory Of

Peter Tork (Thorkleson)


Cheryl Gurley "Little Deer"Louise Hatch 

12/12/1949 - 1/23/2009

Leroy Shyne

10/02/44  - 01/11/2011

Laura Allan

02/1/1952 - 05/19/2008

Maylok Aromy Stansbury

12/6/1950 -11/15/2011

David Canaan

James S Preston

Christopher Wear    

Doris Chapman

                                                 GIVE ME WINGS

I stumbled through the darkness As lost as I could be.
I could have done much better with a blind man leading me.
I've seen through the veil that all of life has worn
       And it made my poor heart tremble like a leaf
blown by a storm.
Every day I hear a song that bids me rise and follow.
A song so sweet I feel that I must go or be
forever unfulfilled.
Oh give me wings that I may fly unto you
And your gentle love will always see me through.
From the seed being born again
To live for the good of all mankind.
Forever to be the source of all creation.
It's love within us all that makes our spirit rise
Each time we fall.

                                                By Marla Hanson